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Press Release September 5, 2017 - Las Vegas, NV

MormonLeaks™ Releases Instruction from General Authorities Concerning Local Disciplinary Action

MormonLeaks™ releases the following documents:

  1. An email thread between Von Keetch, an unidentified General Authority, and a Stake President seeking advice concerning a disciplinary council. *Note: MormonLeaks™ received this document redacted as is.

    Document here

  2. A handout provided to attendees of a training meeting. The handout outlines issues local leaders may face when conducting a disciplinary council.

    Document here

  3. Notes taken by an attendee of the same training meeting mentioned above.

    Document here

Addtionally, MormonLeaks™ was contacted by the subject of one of the reports leaked August 22, 2017. This person felt they were misrepresented by the author of the report and provided MormonLeaks™ with a disclaimer to be added to the wiki page of this document. The update has been made accordingly.

Update here