MormonLeaks Newsroom

Press Release November 7, 2017 - Las Vegas, NV

The MormonLeaks™ Team Launches FaithLeaks and the Truth and Transparency Foundation

The MormonLeaks™ team is proud to announce critical expansions to its efforts by offering additional channels that build on our news reporting, public commentary, and criticism of all things Mormon.

In the past year MormonLeaks has aimed to “[expand] news reporting, public commentary, and criticism related to Mormonism” by “[providing] sources and whistleblowers with the technical ability to anonymously submit sensitive documents” related to the Mormon Church. The impact of MormonLeaks efforts has been seen in the release of recordings of private meetings with top Mormon officials, in confirmation of the long hidden fact that the Mormon Church pays its highest clergy, in the issuance of a DMCA takedown request from the Mormon Church, and in the publication of many previously classified documents. Arguably, there has never been so much transparency in the Mormon Church.

To answer the demand for similar results across the entire spectrum of high demand religions, the MormonLeaks team is pleased today to announce FaithLeaks. FaithLeaks, like MormonLeaks, is founded on the belief that increased transparency results in fewer untruths, less corruption, and less abuse in any organization. It provides the same service of anonymizing sources from all religions, religious nonprofits, cults, and creeds with documented information they believe deserves to be made public.

Additionally, the team has also acted to incorporate the Truth and Transparency Foundation (TTF), a nonprofit to support the administration and operations of both MormonLeaks and FaithLeaks. Donations to both projects will be tax deductible in the United States via the TTF. TTF hopes to leverage its efforts to encourage transparent financials, policies, and statistics from all religions and religious non profits. We aim to set and promote a societal standard for truth and transparency in the religious sector in an age where it is grossly lacking. For more information about the mission and objectives of TTF, visit