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In September of 2016 a Reddit user going by the handle ‘u/mormondocuments’ (MD) began posting multiple internal files from the Mormon Church. Eventually, he made contact with Ryan McKnight who had not yet created but had helped leak several documents starting in November 2015.

McKnight and MD were in constant contact for several months and MD gave McKnight a number of documents (some he had released on Reddit and some he had not released) with the promise that more documents were forthcoming.

In the end, it became evident that MD was trying to leverage these documents into getting people to send him money. McKnight cut off his relationship with him and MD deleted all of his posts on Reddit that had the files attached.

A full account of what happened can be seen here.

While MD revealed himself to be duplicitous and lacking in ethics, MormonLeaks will release the documents that were never released by him along with the ones that were as we do still feel like they are worthy of publishing.

This category page will serve as the main directory where files will be added as each batch of documents is released. The documents that were released by him in 2016 will be noted as such.

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