MormonLeaks Policies and Procedures

Below are the policies and procedures that govern MormonLeaks.


MormonLeaks™ does not offer opinion or otherwise editorialize in an official capacity concerning content released. This is reflected by the information stated in each press release announcing new content. We often coordinate with other media outlets to report further on the files we release. We cannot take responsibility for the way the Mormon Church and other involved parties are portrayed by other media outlets.


MormonLeaks'™ top priority is the privacy and safety of its sources, partners, and all other parties affected by our publications. If desired, we often coordinate with sources on the timing of publication which can maximize privacy and safety. We strongly prefer that our sources utilize SecureDrop to submit documents. It’s technology stack is designed to keep identities private and anonymous.

We typically do not redact the names of leaders of the Mormon Church, particularly General Authorities and others that assist in major decision making. We also reserve the right to leave names of those perpetuating abuse -- sexual, physical, ecclesiastical or otherwise -- unredacted from documentation. Occasionally, a source will redact a document before sending it to us. If that is the case, it is noted on the document's individual wiki entry.

We absolutely do not track access to any page or file on


We publish content that we feel aligns with our mission of starting and expanding news reporting, public commentary, and criticism related to Mormonism. We believe strongly that the implications of all published documentation need to be understandable independent of significant context from the source or other involved parties. In other words, the documents need to be able to tell the full story and stand on their own in order to be released.


MormonLeaks™ seeks to verify the authenticity of all documents and files published on its website. A document will not be released without sufficient reason to believe its veracity. To protect our sources and partners, we are unable to expound on this verification process; however, we stand by the authenticity of all released files. Should we ever become aware of the publication of an unauthentic or fabricated document, we will acknowledge so publicly.