Eagle Mountain Utah Silver Lake Stake President Recordings

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The following audio recordings and emails involve a Mormon woman and her Stake President. A Stake President is one level higher than a Bishop and oversees multiple congregations. More can be read about the position of Stake President here.

The recordings are conversations that take place between Tiercy Hadlock and Russ Clayton. At the time of the recordings, Ms. Hadlock was a member of the Silver Creek Ward in the Eagle Mountain Utah Silver Lake Stake.

Ms. Hadlock was divorced in April 2016. A major component of the divorce was the fact that her husband had an emotional affair with a woman who attended their same ward.

After Ms. Hadlock and her ex-husband separated, but before the divorce was finalized, her bishop permitted her ex-husband to ordain their teenaged son in a Priesthood advancement based on his verbal declaration that he was worthy to do so. Ms. Hadlock expressed to both the Bishop and Mr. Clayton that she disagrees with and does not support this decision. At the same time, Ms. Hadlock was sharing with some of her friends who happened to live in the same ward boundaries the details of why she was getting a divorce. She also shared these details with friends who did not live within the ward boundaries. At some point prior to the finalization of the divorce, Mr. Clayton revoked Ms. Hadlock’s temple recommend.

A temple recommend is what is required for a Mormon to enter into one of the many temples located around the world and participate in essential Mormon ordinances and rituals. More information on Temple Recommends can be found here.

Mr. Clayton asked Ms. Hadlock to meet with him in May or June of 2016 to discuss what he viewed as discord among ward members because of the divorce. This meeting was recorded:

Recording here

In this meeting, Ms. Hadlock questions the rationale used to revoke her temple recommend. She is upset because it was done, from her perspective, for not supporting the Bishop’s decision to allow her ex-husband to ordain their son. Mr. Clayton disagrees states that the reason the temple recommend was revoked was because she refused to stop talking to members of the ward about her divorce.

Mr. Clayton says that her refusal to stop talking about her divorce is apostasy as she is not following the counsel of her priesthood leaders. He states that one must follow their priesthood leaders otherwise they are in apostasy.

Mr. Clayton asked Ms. Hadlock to meet a second time on January 15, 2017. This meeting was recorded:

Recording here

In this meeting, Mr. Clayton tells Ms. Hadlock that he is considering changing the ward boundaries so that she and the woman with whom her ex-husband had an affair are no longer in the same ward (according to Ms. Hadlock the boundaries were changed shortly after this meeting).

Mr. Clayton mentions that he knows that Ms. Hadlock recorded their previous meeting and accuses her of being disingenuous. Ms. Hadlock affirms that her actions were legal.

The subject of the temple recommend being revoked is brought up and Mr. Clayton states that her recommend was not taken away because she would not stop talking about the divorce. He says that it was taken away for her not following the counsel of her leaders and that is apostasy.

At the end of the meeting Mr. Clayton asks Ms. Hadlock to take some time to consider whether or not she can follow the counsel of her leaders and if she can’t, he will start proceedings for a disciplinary council.

On January 16, 2017, Mr. Clayton sent Ms. Hadlock an email outlining the four things she must do for her temple recommend to be reinstated. The Bishop was carbon copied on the email.

Email here

On June 21, 2017, Mr. Clayton sent Ms. Hadlock and email in which he apologizes for not being more understanding of her feelings.

Email here