Theft of Church Funds in Holland

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During the summer of 2017 MormonLeaks™ was contacted and provided with documentation showing that Gerard Dongen, former Bishop of the Utrecht Ward in the Rotterdam Stake in Holland, had received, over the course of a few years, several hundred thousand Euros in church funds.

As part of the vetting process, MormonLeaks was able to speak with multiple individuals, all independent of each other, who have various level of knowledge of the situation.

Provided here are various emails between different local leaders, a translation of those emails into English along with some background and context based on the information received from our sources and financials from two different months that show multiple transfers of church funds to Gerard Dongen.

All of the sources tell MormonLeaks that Mr. Dongen was never turned over to the police or Holland's tax enforcement body. The sources also tell MormonLeaks that the local members were never formally informed that their donations have been stolen and as of the publishing of these documents they have been relying on rumors to make sense of the leadership shakeup and the sudden inactivity of Mr. Dongen.

Several of the sources claim that the José A. Teixeira of the First Quorum of the Seventy and the Area President during the time of the theft was demoted and reassigned as counselor of the South America South Area for not having detected the theft sooner. While the dates of his change in assignment line up with the discovery of the theft, MormonLeaks is unable to fully confirm that this was the exact reason for his reassignment.


Various emails regarding Gerard Dongen

Context, background information and translation of the emails

Partial financial report from the Rotterdam Stake in Holland

Financial report from the Utrecht Ward in Holland